March 13, 2017

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do

 My Name is Mavefe Ubi Zierau. I am from Isoko, Delta state Nigeria. I am 24 years old and currently living in Germany with my husband. I am currently a model/beauty/food blogger, studying German & also working for an NGO which deals with immigrants/refugees. I started modeling since 2011 (with the competition of Elite Model Look Nigeria 2011). 

 How long was it between your engagement and your wedding? 

 I got engaged in June 2016. Had our court wedding September 30th and Traditional wedding 10th December 2016.

 How stressful was the process? 

 Well, the court wedding wasn't that stressful. It was in Europe and my Husband had to do most of the planning, it was easy from my side. All I had to do was relax and enjoy the beautiful day.

 The traditional wedding of course was very stressful, I couldn't get an exact number of guest coming, so it was hard to know how many people to expect (I guess that is normal in Nigeria). Your parents invite their friends, their friends invite more friends and so on. Planning over the phone was insane, people making mistakes, the guest list kept increasing every day. I would just say most Nigerians like last minute planning and this wasn't my thing. I tried to plan months ahead but the people in Warri, Delta State (e.g. M.C, Dancers, caterer) weren't just making the planning easy for me.  


 What was your skincare routine before engagement? 

 Hmmm...personally I have always been so crazy when it came to taking care of my skin. I moisturize at least twice a day as always, morning and before I go to bed. Usually, I scrub/exfoliate my face/body every other 2 weeks but this time I had to scrub/exfoliate my face/body once a week. I drank lots of water and still do. Lots of fruits and I always tried to get my 8 hours of beauty sleep. 

 Did you change your skincare routine before your wedding? 

 Well ...in terms of product... I didn't because I was scared of getting breakout from using different products. I just made sure I always moisturized and not forget to wash my face before I go to bed. This period, I took it more serious basically. 

 Breakdown of skincare routine

 Mornings after showers, I moisturize my body and my face. I make sure I don't use the same towel for my body for my face. I have my facial towel and body towel (very important). I do the same at night before going to bed. I scrub my face/body one a week. 


Facial Moisturizer Day cream: Aēsop (hydrating cream & Serum) 

Facial Moisturizer Night cream: Ren (V-Cense Revitalizing Night Cream) 

Facial wash/soap: JĀSÖN (Super -C Cleanser) 

Body Lotion: Shea butter 

Body scrub: Frank body 

Facial Scrub: Shea Moisture (Lemongrass & Ginger) 

And I always have 'Carmex' lip balm everywhere I go. 

Facial wipe: Simple 

 What treatments did you get to prepare your skin /de-stress from planning? 

 Hmmm.... I always went for full body/facial massage at once twice a week, to relax the body from stress, Mani/Pedi as well, Sauna and Hammam (trust me, it helps the skin a lot to get rid of toxic), scrubbing and exfoliating.

 Who designed your wedding gown? 

 My dresses from my traditional wedding were designed by "26th September" on IG @26thseptember. 


 Most memorable moment of your day

 Hmmm...it very funny and annoying as the same time. I had no sleep before it was day break on the day of the wedding because my guest and my husband had to travel by bus to Warri, all through the night because our flight from Abuja to Warri got canceled. Yep, so imagine all my friends even all the oyibos, makeup artist, photographer and all had to go on this journey for me. But thank God, we arrived Warri Safely, but we arrived 7am in the morning with no sleep. We had to get ready for the wedding in 3 hours after we arrived, trust me I had no sleep at all. It was one of a hell a memorable moment actually because we had so much bonding with everyone on the bus and it was fun to be honest. But of course, our first dance was also memorable (my husband and I), I didn't know he did lots of practicing behind my back all this time. His dance steps were on point. lol (made my day)

What song did you have your first dance to and why did you choose that song?  

 It was 'Kom Kom" by Yemi Alde ft. Flavour. We picked that song because I have always loved songs by Flavour and also the fact it talked about "love, being there for each other, forever we will be together, give me your love" And of course, my husband really likes Yemi Alade as well (so both artists were perfect for the song "Kom Kom")


 Where did you go on your honeymoon and how was it?

 We haven't gone for our major honey moon yet.... (I mean what we planned for hasn't happened because of the weather forecast of the undisclosed location isn't good at the moment) .... but we first had a little romantic getaway in Paris after the wedding, probably that counts as honey moon as well. Of course, the city of love. It was fun and we both loved it!

 Did you get a spa treatment on your couples get away ;  like a couple’s massage? 

 We both got a massage and I made my husband get a facial treatment which he found funny but liked it at the end. 

 Being a veteran bride, what skincare tips can you share to newly engaged or Brides to be?

 Always wash and moisturize your body and face at least twice a day. Very important as well, before you go to bed. Drink lots of water, it helps your skin a lot, get a facial towel for your face, try to scrub/exfoliate your skin at least once every two weeks. If you do not have a facial cream, get one today. (something simple that goes with your skin type) Do not use your body cream on your face. Get a facial soap for yourself as well. Get enough sleep/rest to prevent breakout, and eat healthy. Use a facial wipe to get rid of you make up first before washing your face. If you are having breakout, let your face breathe for some time, avoid too much make up. 


Looking back now if you could share one wedding day advice to our soon to be Brides , what would it be ?

 Don't do more than your power, because I realized I tried so hard to satisfy everyone at my wedding and at the end forget about myself and my husband. It is your day, it is about you and your husband, so enjoy it and don't listen to what other distracting news that may arise. Try to plan ahead, it helps a lot... Don't go making your wedding dress 3 weeks before your wedding. When you plan ahead, it reduces stress. Don't forget, water should be your best friend from now on!


 Now the wedding is over what vendors would you like to thank / recommend  to other brides to be ?

From my traditional wedding:

  • Shout out to Jide (St. Ola) makeup artist 

  • Shout out to Big H wedding (Photographer) 

  • 26th September for the beautiful wedding outfits 

  • A big Thank You to 'Umaimah & Jasmine' for helping out during the wedding planning.

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